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Home We don't apply process just for the sake of process. We apply process to solve particular problems, and to solve them in an efficient, consistent and predictable manner. At WISETEL, we have formed a unique set of process templates through our own experience and research, and the observation of the industry's best practice. Our process templates cover the overall software lifecycle development as well as several key areas of software development.
  • Requirements Analysis Process

  • Vision Articulation Process

  • Architecture Definition Process

  • Database Development Process

  • System Design Process

  • Documentation Process

Notice that we differentiate process template from process, and we believe that this differentiation is very important. Our process templates are guidelines, patterns and tasks that guide through the whole project. After we understand fully your objectives and situations, we tailor build the process based on our templates just for your particular project. The process would focus on formalizing the development activities and improving the visibilities of the project, but have certain flexibility so that you can meet your budget and deadline. It would clearly define all the major milestones and deliverables so that when the process moves on, all the outcomes unfold themselves naturally. After the process is defined, it is not cast in the stone. On contrary, We regularly check the development progress against the process to pinpoint newly emerged issues and adjust the process accordingly. However, the basic guidelines, patterns and tasks defined in the process templates seldom change.
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